British award winning natural wellness & lifestyle products for pets & their parents – proper pampering from palm to paw. Our EcoPledge: Less packaging = fewer plastics

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Pet Shampoo Bars


Nose & Paw Balms


Skin & Fur Oil


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We’ve specifically formulated our products to be shared from palm to paw. We wouldn’t use chemical-packed products on our own skin, so we think the same should go for our pets.


From bath-time to bedtime, our range is designed to be a daily, weekly or just-because treat for your pet.



Completely natural, trusted farming recipes


From sustainably sourced ingredients, handmade by us to ensure the upmost care


In our quest for a greener planet, we use are 90% plastic free and avoid excessive packaging


Safe from palm to paw alike


No added preservatives or hidden nasties


Our Inspiration

Be:Loved was inspired by an old farming family heirloom, a recipe book full of farmhouse remedies. Carina’s family created cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest. This treasure chest of recipes was completely natural ranging from soaps and shampoos to tend farm animals, to moisturising balms for tough hand, pad and paw calluses.

“We tried, tested and re-imagined these recipes. Each is hand blended with care and is suitable for our furry friends. Using completely natural ingredients, we’ve created a luxurious, affordable and effective range for both pets and their parents.”

Our Founder

Carina has a genuine pedigree in animal care and comes from a farming background. Her company won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for building an international pet care business and she has been a leader in the industry for over 12 years. She and her business partners are from farming families in Dorset, Wales, and Australia. Carina’s family ride and follow hounds regularly. They have inherited not only a love for animals, but have also retained a desire to use the land to aid practical animal care that pet-parents truly appreciate.Be:Loved is a luxury but affordable British pet care brand that believes the best relationships are based on trust, love and respect

The Be:Loved Tale

Together, you’re two of a king. Show that you care with all-natural handmade products that help pets to be clean, be protected and best of all, be pampered. 

Let your animals roam itch-free, odour-free, carefree.

Dote on them. They deserve it.

Let them Be:Loved.

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Cherry Willoughby / Dorset, UK

"Its clear that these products have been handcrafted with love, heavily focused on the wellness of pets and their parents, I can’t thank you enough for bringing this range to our home, we have been delighted by their results, they make great gifts and smell wonderful also"

Pam Campbell / UK

"We are loving the candle and have nearly used the soap bar all ready. Wonderful to have this range of British natural pet products."

Kimberley Bolton / UK

"Our Frenchie has regularly suffered with a dry snout and cracked paws. We've tired a few soothing balms and nothing has compared as yet to the Be:Loved balms. Being all natural and smelling great are two delightful bonuses. We look forward to trying out more of the range!"

Emma Cooter / UK

"The Be:Vegan shampoo bar has stopped Teddy's itching all together, he usually suffers really badly from allergies but this has completely solved that. Plus he smells amazing!"


"My lurcher cross loved running through long grass and had red bumps and scabs, I worried he'd also get ticks so thought I'd try the Be:Bugfree. His coat has never felt so soft, clean and healthy. The best bit is that the scabs and spots have considerable healed in just a few days. Better than I could have hoped."

Pandora Maxton / UK

"The calm soap bar is so easy to use and smells gorgeous. The balm was something I didn't even know existed until I discovered Be:Loved but Molly loved it!"

Malina Hughes / UK

"Fantastic product! My dog has allergy issues and I can’t use any sprays or air fresheners, this is the only one I’ve found to work for him. It feel like a great quality product and provides a lovely scent to cover up those doggy smells around the house. "

Seanna Powell / UK

"After Rubi’s first and last visit to the groomer, she got an allergy/infection. No specific symptoms, just hot skin and scratching all the time. We’ve tried medication, expensive shampoos, conditioners and oat flake baths. My friend gave me your shampoo bar to try which I was sceptical about. The combination of hemp and camomile worked a treat! I think the scratching has reduced by 70% and I’m hoping she’ll continue to have success. I’m happy there are companies that still care about simple and natural ingredients. "

Shannon Lee / UK

"It has stopped Teddy’s Summer itching all together, he usually suffers really bad Summer allergies."

Joshua Butler / UK

"My dog had scraped his nose and it was looking pink and sore, with not much fur left. Thought I’d give this a go and amazed at how it helped the healing process; I could see a difference after a couple of days. Would definitely recommend having as part of your doggy first aid supplies."

William Spencer

"I cannot thank you enough for the cream! That stuff is a miracle, I saw the difference after it was first on!"

Amanda Williams / UK

"Just wanted to say thank you, the Be:Silky oil has been perfect for my Issy. We use it after baths and long walks and is great for her achey joints whilst relaxing her too. She smells amazing and her coat looks so healthy!"

Nicole Anderson / UK

"My lurcher cross loves running through long grass and had red bumps and scabs, I worried he’d also get ticks so thought I’d try the bugfree. His coat has never felt so soft, clean, and healthy. The best bit is that the scabs and spots have considerable healed in just a few days. Great product, better than I could have hoped."

Barbara Adams / UK

"Dottie is sensitive to stinging nettles and will chew her feet for hours if she accidentally steps on one. The Be:Safe soothes her feet so quickly. I also think Dottie has an allergy, she will chew her legs and sometimes make them sore. I used the balm whenever I saw her chewing and again it soothes almost immediately. This balm has helped her so much."

Janet Parker / UK

"This stuff seemed to work overnight for my lab’s healing paw pads. Will definitely make sure I always have a supply in my first aid kit now."

Lewis Gray / UK

"Was really excited to get this product, smells absolutely amazing and I’ve even used it on myself for some insect bites that I’ve got, and it really does help with the itching! Love it."