The Benefits

The Be:Loved Tale – Together you are two of a kind.  Show that you care with our natural handmade products that can help pets to be clean, be protected and best of all be pampered.  Handpicked from hedgerows, these calming balms, soothing salves, scented shampoo bars and spritzes reassure sore paws and help nourish coats and tails to shine.  Let your animals roam itch free, odour free, carefree.  Dote on them.  They deserve it.  Let them Be:Loved.  Powerful & plant based PET WELLNESS, powered by natural science.


What Our Customers Say


Our Origin Story.

Be:Loved was inspired by an old farming family heirloom, a recipe book full of farmhouse remedies. Carina’s family created cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest. This treasure chest of recipes was completely natural ranging from soaps and shampoos to tend farm animals, to moisturising balms for tough hand, pad and paw calluses.

About us

Natural & Sustainably Sourced

Completely natural, trusted farming recipes

Tested on humans

Safe from palm
to paw alike

Less packaging

90% plastic free avoiding the use of excessive packaging

Handmade in uk

From sustainably sourced
ingredients, handmade with care


No added preservatives and no hidden nasties