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Article: 10 Ethical & Sustainable Doggy Summer Essentials

Dogs running on the beach

10 Ethical & Sustainable Doggy Summer Essentials

With summer just tantalisingly around the corner, here at Be:Loved we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for some sunshine-filled days so that we can get out and about. We love nothing more than exploring our local countryside on foot with a furry four-legged friend (or two!).

However, with the promise of warmer climes also comes an increased risk of fleas and ticks, sun damage, cracked paws and dry noses. So to ensure that you are your pooch are properly prepared, we thought it would be helpful to share our top Be:Loved picks for a season of adventure ahead.

You can rest assured that we’ve taken care to consider everything your pampered pet could possibly need - whilst also being kind to the planet as well. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, we’ve got you covered this summer!

Dogs running on beach

What Makes Be:Loved Petcare Products Ethical & Eco-Friendly?

Be:Loved is a brand with animal care in its DNA. Founder Carina Evans has been a leader in the pet care industry for 17 years and comes from a farming background. Inheriting a love of animals and nature, as well as learning how to properly respect and care for them, Be:Loved products have been formulated with kindness at the forefront.

We only use clean ingredients

If you care about what you put on your own skin, then it’s only natural that you wouldn’t want to use chemical-laden products on your pup either. Our plant-powered products are made with 100% natural ingredients from tried-and-tested farming recipes. These have been handed down through the generations and given a new lease of life for 21st-century pet care, so that everyone can benefit from this treasure trove of lesser-known natural remedies.

Our products are paraben-free and don’t contain any hidden nasties or preservatives that can be found in many pet care products on the market today.

We are cruelty-free

We have always had an absolutely zero-tolerance stance on animal testing. Our products are tested exclusively (and extensively!) on humans. As such, you can be confident that they are safe to be transferred from palm to paw. If you have any leftover balm or oil, feel free to rub the excess into your hands for some moisturising TLC.

We also have a range of Vegan products, for those who wish to avoid any animal by-products.

Be:Vegan Product Range

We source sustainably

We take care to source our ingredients sustainably and all of our products are proudly handmade in small batches in the UK - maximising freshness and prioritising that personal touch.

We package our products thoughtfully

Last but not least, single-use plastic packaging is one of the world’s most pressing problems, so we’re doing our bit to help reduce waste. Here at Be:Loved, we’ve invested in alternative, planet-friendly materials like aluminium, glass and paper. And we’re happy to report that our packaging is currently 90% plastic-free.

For example, our zero-waste pet shampoo bars mean zero landfill (plus a solid product that lasts for longer), and our pet oil is encased in a beautiful green glass bottle which can be recycled or repurposed around the house once finished with.

Our Must-Have Doggy Summer Essentials

For responsible fun in the sun this summer, check out our cherry-picked Be:Loved product recommendations below!

1.    Be:Clean Antibacterial Pet Shampoo Bar

Be:Clean shampoo bar

Fox poo begone! If your cheeky pup is a consistent roller in smelly substances, then this pet shampoo bar has got their name on it. With a natural blend of tea tree essence and green tea extract for a shiny and healthy coat, your pooch will be smelling squeaky-clean in no time!

Plus, say goodbye to environmentally damaging plastic bottles and hello to a solid shampoo bar. This concentrated product will last longer too, with typically 25-30 washes.

2.    Be:Gone Natural DEET-Free Bug Deterrent Shampoo Bar

Be:Gone shampoo bar

For an entirely natural bug deterrent, look no further than this exfoliating and moisturising pet shampoo bar. Containing essential oils that deter nasty critters from clinging to your pet’s coat, this gentle shampoo will be kinder on your pup’s skin than traditional chemical-laden products.

A must-have for pets that love to run free in fields full of long, wild grasses. And for maximum protection, don’t forget to follow up with our DEET-free spray.

3.    Be:Gone Natural DEET-Free Bug Deterrent Pet Spray

Be:Gone Pet Spray

A natural alternative to drops, pills and collars, fight the battle against fleas and ticks with our all-natural spray! Oust them from your home and let your pup roam in the great outdoors this summer with peace of mind.

Spray onto your pet’s coat (avoiding their face) to guard against pesky parasites, in conjunction with a stronger product if desired. This spray is infused with natural botanicals like coconut, lavender, sweet orange and cedar wood, so it works wonders to mask any unwanted chemical smells too.

4.    Be:Fresh Natural Prebiotic Spray

Be:Fresh Pet Spray

As a final defence against unwanted bugs, our natural prebiotic spray will create a healthy, clean environment in your home - working to eliminate odours, kill germs and thoroughly cleanse your space with powerful active ingredients.

You can spritz liberally onto pet bedding and surfaces around the home - even directly onto soft furnishings. Regular use promotes a micro-climate in which insects struggle to survive.

5.    Be:Sunsafe Sun Protection Balm

Be:Sunsafe balm

We all know about the dangers of too much sun exposure, but have you ever stopped to consider whether the sun can be damaging to your pup’s skin, too? Just because they have a full coat of fur doesn’t instantly protect them from sunburn, so it’s important to consider protection on days where UV rays are high.

Our Be:Sunsafe protection balm is SPF15 and handmade with sensitive skin in mind. Warm the balm by rubbing it between your fingers then apply to any areas with less hair, paying particular attention to noses, ear flaps and paws. It’s also intensely nourishing with Vitamin A, shea butter and coconut oil - perfect for safely enjoying the sun with an added touch of TLC!

6.    Be:Soft Nose & Paw Moisturising Balm

Be:Soft Balm

Whether your pup has had a little too much fun in the sun or you just fancy giving them a bit of extra pampering (why not?!), our nose and paw moisturising balm is the perfect salve for cracked paw pads and dry noses. Just a tiny amount of this intensely moisturising product will nourish any affected areas in no time. The perfect accompaniment to sun protection after a tiring day outdoors!

7.    Be:Silky Skin & Coat Pet Fur Oil

Be:Silky Pet Fur Oil

To improve circulation and leave your pup sleek and shiny after bath time, Be:Loved skin and coat oil is truly enriching and conditioning. Packed with grape seed, sweet almond, rose and Vitamin E - a little goes a long way.

8.    Be:Safe First Aid Nose & Paw Balm

Be:Safe Balm

Fun-filled days outdoors can naturally lead to small scrapes, grazes and insect bites for your poor pooch, so to alleviate any discomfort and speed up the healing process, we’ve formulated our paw and nose balm for minor injuries. If your pup could do with some immediate soothing relief, then apply this directly to the areas that need it most.

This is a must-have product for action-packed days spent in the sun! Just remember that this product is only intended for the odd stings and scratches - if your pup has any serious cuts or injuries that require medical attention then you should get them checked by your local vet to be on the safe side.

9.    Be:Adventurous Gift Bundle

Be:Adventurous Gift Bundle

If all of the above is now added to your wish list (we totally get it!), then consider opting for our Be:Adventurous bundle. It consists of three products, comes with an exclusive free gift, and - better yet - you can make a huge saving of 40%! Shop now for the following products:

1 x Be:Safe first aid healing balm

1 x Be:Clean antibacterial shampoo bar

1 x Be: Gone bug deterrent spray

1 x tote bag (only available with bundles)

Plus, if you have any pet lovers in your life, then it also makes for an extra-special gift as it comes perfectly wrapped in a gorgeous presentation box.

10.    Be:Pure Pet Odour Eliminating Candle

Be:Pure Candle

Finally, with all these lovely and immensely practical products for your four-legged friend to consider, it’s time to treat yourself to a little something! Our Be:Pure candle removes pet odours with a soothing blend of rose, lavender and camomile.

With 30 hours’ worth of blissful burning time, kick back and relax at the end of a satisfying day outdoors. You’ll be pleased to know that it uses an eco-friendly wooden wick (which, as an added bonus, produces a lovely satisfying crackle) and comes in a jar that can easily be reused and repurposed.

Get Out There & Enjoy the Sunshine With Your Furry Friend!

Two dogs in a field of buttercups

If you needed any excuse to get outside this summer, breathe in the fresh air and get active - then look no further than your favourite four-legged friend! Just ensure to go for walks earlier or later in the day if it’s forecast to be particularly warm weather, as you don’t want your pup to overheat or burn their paws on hot pavements.

We can’t wait for you to try our hand-poured, plant-based products. A lot of love and care goes into each and every one of them, and we’re passionate about bringing affordable, high-quality products to the market that actually work. If you do try any of our summer picks, then thank you so much for supporting us and for doing your bit to care for the environment. We’d love to hear from you with any product reviews and feedback!

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