'All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking' Friedrich Nietzsche

Something as simple as going for a walk (ideally regularly) is such a joy, as you well know or remember.  We are spinning so many plates, why not take time to re discover this joy and make it a daily part of your routine.  I started again, in January of this year, and have absolutely adored the time it gives me.

At first taking time out like this made me feel guilty (will the feeling of guilt ever leave me?!), especially my expectations of myself and what I should be doing. My unsustainable every day lifestyle was telling me that I should be in the office firefighting the myriad of things that make a small business tick; helping other people thrive, batting curve balls, planning, selling, trying to achieve, trying to inject creativity into my life and into my business whilst the body was burned out, just wasn’t working.

Then I simply walked.  I walked out.  Just for an hour.  I set an hour of time aside.  I left early, it was dark (I don’t recommend this actually, don’t walk in the dark, it can be scary).  I just walked.  I caught Rocco (our terribly naughty Teckel puppy) and just walked, and its been the best thing I could have done.

To begin with the walk was not an hour, a little less but now I realise the importance of this time, I don’t feel guilty taking at least an hour ‘out’.  Joy of joys, I have started to run again as well, not fast and at 'my pace' but without the foundation of walking, I would have not started to run again.

So, Be:Loved, be inspired, be kind to your self, make that initial effort to make a change for YOU.  Get off the pot, grab the dog and make time for a walk – give it a try in the first instance; you never know  what opportunities will find you.

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