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Article: Be:Sunsafe & Be:Soft Pet Paw & Nose Balms – now in an even bigger size!

Be:Sunsafe & Be:Soft Pet Paw & Nose Balms – now in an even bigger size!

Be:Sunsafe & Be:Soft Pet Paw & Nose Balms – now in an even bigger size!

Do it the same… but bigger!

We know how much you all love our Be:Soft and Be:Sunsafe balms, so we wouldn’t dream of changing them, but we are so pleased to launch our new larger tin sizes. We now offer both trusted products in 60ml and 250ml tins.

Our new, bigger tins are perfectly sized for your fur baby to dip their paws into and are great value for money at our introductory price of £19.99 for each balm.

In case you don’t know about our award-winning balms already (where have you been?), continue reading this blog to find out more.


If your dog suffers with cracked paw pads, elbow callouses, dry noses or simply deserves a pampering treat, then this balm is for you (and them). Did we mention that our products are designed to be used from palm to paw? Our shea butter and essential oil enriched balm will nourish, sooth and moisturise your pet and help to restore problem areas.



Our beloved dogs can suffer from sunburn too. This SPF15 Sun Protection Balm is handmade with sensitive skin in mind and works to protect your dogs from sunburn, and its insect repelling too. The ingredients we use are intensively nourishing and perfect for pets that love to soak up the sun.

How to use our balms?

You can simply warm the balm with your hands, place the product onto your fingers and rub it into the areas needed (either to your dogs paws/nose or to those areas most susceptible to sunburn). You can rub any leftover product into your hands for some extra moisturising TLC! Or, our new bigger tin (250g), allows your dog to dip their paws directly into the product for quick and easy application.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

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