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Looking for the perfect present for your pup? Well…look no further than our lovingly curated bundle of all-natural botanical dog pampering products. It’s a fabulous festive treat for any dog-adoring family and friends this Christmas.

Okay…so maybe gorgeous fur care products aren’t at the top of your canine’s wish list (Be:Loved founder, Carina’s, terrier, Malteeser would DEFINITELY prefer some meaty treats). But the humans are going to love them, especially if they prefer their four-legged friends to smell of fresh florals…not fox poo!

Our best-selling Be:Loved Bundle of grooming must-haves includes a Be:safe Paws and Nose Balm, Be:pure Candle, Be:silky Skin & Coat Oil, plus 6 sweet-smelling Pet Shampoo Bars. We’ve also created a luxuriously rich Pudding Balm for delicate paws and noses and added a little lick-safe shimmer to make your pooch sparkle!

Your ten luxurious grooming essentials will arrive nestled inside a handy little canvas bag that you can use time and time again – single use plastics and materials aren’t our thing, you see. It’s all part of the Be:Loved eco-journey.  We love our planet as much as we love our dogs!

Apart from the fact that every Be:Loved product helps make your pet look just a little bit more beautiful (and smell gorgeous too), another thing that makes our pampering collection extra special is that you won’t find any horrible chemicals on the ingredients list. We steer well clear of silicones and sulphates and stick to only the kindest, most natural ingredients we can source. We wouldn’t put synthetic nasties on our own skin and hair, after all. And we happen to believe that our pets deserve nothing less than human-grade pampering.

Everything in the Be:Loved range is also created in small batches, here in the UK. But while we carefully source the ingredients ourselves, we can’t take too much credit for the actual recipes. Each one originates from an old book of homemade animal treatments and tonics, handed down through generations of Carina’s family. We’ve taken these and added a couple of all-natural twists and tweaks to make a range designed for both pets and their parents. From palm to paw.

We hope you enjoy them.

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