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March has provided the perfect reason to celebrate amazing women, with Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day all in one month. Not that we shouldn’t be paying homage to amazing women every day, of course.

Be:Loved founder and CEO, Carina Evans, ticks quite a few ‘amazing’ and ‘inspiring’ boxes herself. Coming up with the idea for our luxurious, all-natural dog grooming collection and then making it happen, is quite an achievement, for sure. But it’s not the sum of her talents!

Carina has conquered the Cresta Run, juggles a career as a military reservist with managing her successful pet business and is mum to Isabella aged 16 and Marina 15. Oh, and she also runs the family’s smallholding…did we mention that?!

Indeed, Carina isn’t just a whizz at dog care lotions and potions, she’s a whizz on the ice too.  She was the first woman in 90 years to champion at Switzerland’s iconic 1,325-yard-long Cresta Run in 2019, where women had been banned since 1929.  In fact, she earned the title of the fastest British woman to champion at the track, with a descent of 75 seconds and today rides it in 57 seconds, retaining her title as the fastest woman in the world.

When she’s not hurtling down ice runs at breakneck speed and creating gorgeous dog shampoos and balms, Carina is a military reservist. She’d be the first to admit that she thrives on organisation and parameters and loves being challenged both mentally and physically. No surprise then, that the army is a natural fit. Being part-time also gives her enough time to manage the family smallholding (yes, that as well!)  and engage with her most important job – being Mum to Isabella and Marina.

Carina is super proud of both her girls and, as is the case with any devoted mum, they’re the driving force behind everything she does. She’s passionate about helping her own daughters grow up with no limits beyond the ones they set themselves. And she’s living proof that it’s possible!

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