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Article: Be:Loved - The Who, The Why & Our Eco Pledges

Be:Loved - The Who, The Why & Our Eco Pledges

Be:Loved - The Who, The Why & Our Eco Pledges

We bring luxury, affordable, powerful & plant based wellness & lifestyle gifts & products to pets & their parents. We promote PET WELLNESS and power it by natural science; read more about our 3 great #EcoPledges.

#EcoPledge 1 - Affordable Luxury

We want our products to be admired and enjoyed by pets & their parents in every household but will not compromise on quality. We therefore source the best ingredients and cut our margins to ensure we deliver quality at a fair and affordable price.

#EcoPledge 2 - Less packaging = less plastics

This is a simple concept to understand and implement. We just don't use plastic unless there is absolutely no alternative. We also recycle all packaging material and without trying operate a 0 waste operation, why would we buy anything to throw it away - we don't even use a printer, end of!

#EcoPledge 3 - Powerful & Plant Based

Pet wellness powered by natural science. This is our core, our products were developed because our founder discovered an old family cookbook for animal cures, and reimagined the recipes into the BeLoved brand that you see today. We celebrate and harness the power of nature for our pets & their parents, we are BeLoved.

To find out more about our brand story or shop our products, click here.

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