Essential Oils – Are they safe?

Our pets have heightened senses meaning that they may be more sensitive to new smells – did you know their noses can be up to 40x stronger than our own!

It is similar to if you were caught next to someone with very strong cologne or perfume; this may give you a headache, irritated lungs or different reaction – and the same goes for your pet. However, when used in the correct way, many essential oils can have a range of benefits. These include :

  • supported skin and fur health
  • decreased inflammation/joint pain
  • easing the mind in cases of irritability, anxiety, fear etc. and instead elevating the spirit
  • encouraging restful sleep
  • antibacterial qualities
  • assisting in digestion

It is important though to always select the recommended pet essential oils that are 100% natural and organic to ensure they are not packed with unnecessary nasties.

So, which oils are best?

There are hundreds of essential oils available, but not all of these should be used around your pet. This includes pine, spearmint, cinnamon and many more – these have often been reported to cause breathing difficulties, an uncomfortable cooling or burning effect, fatigue or other physical illness.

The most effective oils are lavender, rose, chamomile, grape-seed, avocado and almond to name a few. Lavender for example is ideal not only for the delightful smell, but also for its gentle antibacterial qualities. It can even stimulate rapid healing!

If you see it listed in our ingredients, you can rest assured it is safe for your pet – and is appropriately diluted to suit their senses.

Our Products

All of our award-winning products are handmade by us here in the UK which means we know every ingredient. We also always test on humans – as we always say, it should be safe from palm to paw (you can even rub any leftover product into your hands for your own extra TLC!)

Let your pet feel Be:Loved but make sure to always do so with our safe, natural care.

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