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Article: Why Are Dogs Scared Of Fireworks? Pet Care tips For Firework Season

Beloved dog cuddling

Why Are Dogs Scared Of Fireworks? Pet Care tips For Firework Season

Firework season is here. For us, it’s all fun games and a way of celebrating, but for our furry friends it’s a long night of distress and uncertainty.

Why are pets scared of fireworks?

Pets and smaller animals in general fear fireworks because of the noise and unpredictability. Loud noises trigger their nervous systems, and this can cause animals to feel anxious or threatened.

Fireworks are loud for us, so we can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for our furry friends who have far superior hearing… it’s got to be ear piercing. If they can react to us slyly opening a packet of treats from a few rooms away, what would a firework be like for them.

Us hoomans can usually predict when a firework is about to go off, and we know when displays finish for the night. But animals have no knowledge of this; their usual calm evening stroll is now filled with flashing lights and loud noises, and they don’t know why it’s happening or when it’s going to stop – they feel trapped.

BeLoved dog in a towel

How to keep your pets calm

Keep your pets inside. Make sure they have plenty of outdoor time during the day, and as soon as it begins to get dark, bring them inside. Your home provides a great deal of soundproofing which will help your pets a lot!... Double check the windows are closed correctly. If they need to go outside, make sure they have their collar on with up-to-date contact details attached. This is crucial to ensure that if your pet runs off in fear, then you can be reunited with them quickly.

This one might sound slightly counterintuitive but create noise inside. Utilize whatever you have to create calm/white noise in your pet’s environment. If you have children, turn on the children's channel on tv. And if you have a smart tv or speaker, use apps like YouTube to play white noise or calming dog music. Even turning on the washing machine would be a great help.

On the topic of noise… toys and distractions are needed. Toys that are noisy with a squeaker or crinkle material, or calming pet treats always work well. Providing mental stimulation and distraction from the fireworks is the goal here.

Let them Be:Loved. Treat your pet to a much deserved pamper session. Run them a bath (this is great white noise) and lather your fur baby in our Be:Calm pet shampoo – specifically formulated with calming and soothing properties to relax, clean, and nourish your pet. If you wish to have a full pampering session, why not use our Be:Soft balm to moisturise their paws and nose, and our Be:Silky oil to enrich and condition their coat and skin. Again, it’s all about keeping them occupied to take their mind away from what’s going on outside.

So, what comes after a nice relaxing bath? A cuddle session, of course! Get those pets wrapped up comfortably, on the sofa or in your arms (probably not possible if you have a Great Dane), keep them company, and let them Be:Loved.

Please keep in mind that even if your dog does not show signs of distress, it’s important to keep an eye on them and still follow these steps to keep them calm and safe so that they don't develop a reaction to fireworks later on.

If this blog post has given you ideas on how to care for your pet(s) during firework season, then please please please share it with other pet parents. With your help, we can really make a huge difference to our pets’ wellbeing during these occasions.

With love,

The Be:Loved Team x

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